Interior Design

Pembrooke & Ives’ contemporary aesthetic perfectly complements RAMSA’s timeless style, resulting in soulful spaces designed for modern living. Bespoke furnishings are of the highest quality, with materials carefully selected to impart a tangible sense of place. Interiors connect seamlessly to spectacular outdoor spaces, designed for both al fresco dining and peaceful relaxation. Lofty ceilings create abundant space and light, while floor-to-ceiling windows frame the magnificent views.

Andrew Sheinman leaning on a pillar, wearing a suit in an open living and dining area.
Hand holding a square piece of wood near interior design materials.

Pembrooke & Ives

New York interior design firm Pembrooke & Ives curates intuitive, bespoke, and luxurious interiors that are designed to fundamentally and beautifully improve the experiences of the people who inhabit them. Adept at producing visionary concepts and executing them with impeccable finesse, the result is always a one-of-a-kind space in which attention to detail and level of comfort, character, and style exceeds every expectation.

“Pembrooke & Ives have designed residences that are incredibly beautiful, well thought out, and very comfortable and informed.”

Suzanne Frisbie, Frisbie Group